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Located in the heart of San Francisco with an additional office in New York City, AdsNative is strategically positioned in both the tech and publishing worlds. We love the fast-paced start-up lifestyle, and have garnered solid support for our evolving business. Since 2013, our company has raised $4M from leading VC firms like Interwest Partners, Foundry Group, ONSET Ventures, KBS+ Ventures. Additionally, we are consulted by a seasoned group of advisors, (Greg Badros, Mike Kerns, David Scacco, etc) who built ad products at Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.  These industry leaders are helping us make smart decisions as our business quickly continues to expand.  Read More

What We're Building

AdsNative is the modern ad stack for savvy publishers. D​igital advertising has become cluttered with interruptive ad experiences delivered by outdated technology.​ Our end-to-end monetization software allows publishers and developers to sell unique ad formats that flow seamlessly into content.

AdsNative’s pioneering technology provides open and flexible APIs such as ‘server-side stitching’ which integrates ad-serving directly into a publisher’s CMS. We also streamline integration of tag/SDK based ad networks, and optimize revenue from direct and indirect revenue streams. ​Lastly, marketers can traffic content driven advertising across 1,000+ premium publishers through our programmatic exchange.

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Open Positions


Dhawal Mujumdar
Founder @AdsNative • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley • Worked on mobile apps at SAP • Taught web programming @university-of-california-berkeley • Built anti-spam software that is used by 1000's of websites
Satish Polisetti
MS @Berkeley • Double majors in Electrical & Mechanical Eng • Fellow @Mayfield Fund • Worked at mobile advertising startups • Built anti-spam software that is used by 1000's of websites • 30 Under 30 award from alumni of India’s #1 private university
Kuldeep Kapade
Masters at @university-of-california-berkeley • Founder @threepoint-technologies-pvt-ltd grew the company to more than 15 employees • Worked @Motion Math on growth and monetization • Part of development team of HSBC US Banking Website
Max Gutman
Technical lead, architect and software developer with years of experience CTO @AdsNative Early engineer @Eventbrite @Carnegie Mellon University
Shane Sun
VP, Data Products @AdsNative . Previously founder @mPress @perfecthitch. • @Start-Up Chile 2.2. Worked at @IBM, EE PhD @UC Berkeley. @Mayfield Fund Fellow - 2010
Sreekanth Kalapur
10 years of engineering and product management expertise. Working in ad-tech for 5 years, donned multiple roles within product & engineering @AdsNative @InMobi
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes Adsnative a unique place to work at?
We are on a mission to clean-up the advertising mess that has plagued the Internet since 90s. Given the magnanimity of problem, we have lot of interesting challenges across the board. Challenging and exciting work to solve one of the fundamental problems associated with the Internet makes us unique place to work at.
Dhawal Mujumdar
Founder at AdsNative since 2012
What is your office environment like?
We strive to create an office environment that is conducive to collaboration, creativity, and productivity. We have adopted open culture in which everyone is a contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. In terms of how it looks, layouts, etc. I will post some pictures.
Dhawal Mujumdar
Founder at AdsNative since 2012

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