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At AdRoll, we like to think we have a Goldilocks engineering team; it's just right. You won't find us stuffed away in a dark corner writing code and you won't see any 'brogrammers' amongst our ranks. We prefer the sense of perspective that comes from a diverse group of people and a healthy work-life balance. When we aren't busy making AdRoll a fantastic place, you'll likely find us tinkering with hardware projects, going on bike rides around the bay, playing some Street Fighter, and spending time with other Rollers. Read More

What We're Building

AdRoll was named the fastest growing private company by Inc magazine this year. We're the first company to bring real-time advertising to companies of all sizes by building the first self-service, intuitive UI.

We're working on ton of interesting projects. We're in the unique position of working with big data and applying machine learning and mining in real-time. We manage 1B requests/day and respond under 25ms.

We make heavy use of Python, React.js, Java/Hadoop/HBase, Erlang, and AWS.

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Jobs at AdRoll Group

AdRoll Group Team

Jared Kopf
Founder @AdRoll Group, @HomeRun • Worked at @PayPal, @Clarium, @IDEO
Shawn O'Connor
Aaron Bell
Founder, CEO @AdRoll Group, the fastest growing CA company (Inc mag). Was youngest eng @Microsoft; studied AI @Stanford University ; led scheduling projects for NASA spaceflight
Adam Berke
Investor/advisor with long operational track record. Former President/CMO and Founding Team at AdRoll.
Peter Krivkovich
Worked at AdRoll, Board Member Persuant Health. Previous work at Good Technology (acquired by Motorola), Everdream (acquired by Dell) and ABN AMRO.
Brian Martinez
Co-Founder at @MadeSolid (@Y Combinator W14) Previously Founder/CEO at @Tioki. B.A. Business/Entrepreneurship - UC Santa Barbara. Worked at @AdRoll Group and @CBIZ
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