Adriano Farano

Co-founder at @Watchup. EiR at @StartX, '11 Knight Fellow at @Stanford, 3x founder. 1st news business at age 9. Lasagna lover (and maker).

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What I Do

I like to add value at the intersection of content, business and technology. I'm fluent in four languages. I love to build and grow a business. Paying forward and connecting people is my philosophy.


At age 9, when I realized that nobody among my 4th grade classmates had heard of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I created a newspaper and sold it to my classmates. I paid writers with pizza, published several issues but later my teacher shut it down because I was “making money”. I continued through other channels, though.
At age 20, I created, the first pan-European magazine, one of the rare online-only news outlet in the world to be 12 year-old today with offices in 35 European cities.
I moved to the Bay Area two years ago for the Knight Fellowship at Stanford, a program that selects 20 journalists and entrepreneurs to do research on news ways to create and distribute news in the 21st century. After that I was fortunate enough to start mentoring StartX companies as an entrepreneur in residence. And it's here at StartX that we're building Watchup, which is like Flipboard for video.

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