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AdQuick is making it easy to buy and measure outdoor advertising – think billboards, transit, etc. Our customers include data-driven companies such as Lyft, Instacart, Peloton and household brands such as Kevin Hart, Drake & H&R Block. We've got top-tier Silicon Valley backers, growing fast and we're bringing modern software to an industry where it's sorely lacking. Come join us in building this rocketship!

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Job Description

At AdQuick’s core is data. We’re hiring someone who lives and breathes data, specifically in the context of marketing and ROI. We’re making the impossible a reality by analyzing and quantify the impact of real world advertising. AdQuick is looking for an analytics lead to create a first of its kind analytics dashboard for clients in outdoor advertising.

* Must be interested in being a player at the beginning (hustler) and interested/able into growing and hiring the team as necessary
* Own AdQuick’s analytics suite for outdoor media
* Expert familiarity with media mix, ROI, ROAS, and a great problem solver to explore ways AdQuick can pioneer real-world analytics
* Work with clients to innovate and drive visibility for ROI on outdoor advertising campaigns
* Find, vet, and integrate with various data providers to increase data sources for AdQuick
* Package case studies for clients and general public to promote AdQuick’s offering and drive awareness with new customers
* Attend conferences as a speaker or participant where applicable
* Build marketing and analytics team as you see fit
* Like to have fun and has a good sense of humor

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What We're Building

Simply put, AdQuick is the easiest way to buy outdoor advertising.

Broadest selection of inventory - our technology builds campaigns based on every available ad location from the large media companies to the sole proprietors. AdQuick also has exclusive access to locations. Like this one in Wrigley Field!

Fastest process - we're integrated with outdoor ad companies on the backend, so the buying process is seamless and single-threaded, no matter how many different billboard companies your campaign involves

Data driven - our campaign planning and post-campaign analytics make outdoor advertising more data driven than it has ever been. See attached breakdown of some of the metrics we provide to measure your outdoor ad spend. Here and here are posts explaining some of our analytics.

Some of our early customers include Instacart, Lyft, H&R Block, and OVO music label and we've booked campaigns nationwide.

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