Andrew D. Nystrom

Global Digital Brand @NikeFootball. Ex Red Bull digital leader. Led LA Times Travel & social media. Authored a few travel books. Lonely Planet, Mt. Travel Sobek

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What I Do

At Nike, I'm focused on the 2014 World Cup in Brasil and am seeking digital innvovation partners. At Red Bull Media House, I led disruptive social and digital strategy for projects like the Stratos space jump. I add value by advising and connecting entrepreneurs with global exposure opportunities.


Authored National Outdoor Book Award winning 'Top Trails Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks' travel and hiking guidebook. Hiked 1000+ miles then self-promoted the book and digital editions on a shoestring. It's a been a consistent top selling and top rated title on

I also volunteered with the National Park Service and Yellowstone Bear Management crew, where I surveyed backcountry hot springs, conducted bioprospecting field research and, more importantly, learned that it's much easier to manage people than bears.