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Adia Health

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A digital platform for women's reproductive health

Adia’s mission is to empower women with knowledge, and to change the approach to women’s reproductive health to one that is proactive, personalised and holistic. Founded by Zinc VC, we’re backed by top investors including Seedcamp and London Co-investment Fund.

Join us as we work to design a holistic approach to improving preconception health and support women on their fertility journey.

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What We're Building

At Adia we are on a mission to revolutionise women's reproductive healthcare by empowering women to be more proactive about their health.

We arm women with the facts and tools to improve their preconception health by delivering:

A whole body health check
We help women better understand their fertility, nutritional and emotional health through easy at home finger-prick blood tests and questionnaires.

The Adia Plan
Curated by leading specialists in the field, our plan harnesses the latest scientific research to help women understand which tests to take, identify and address potential challenges ahead, and learn ways to improve their fertility health.

Adia Experts
We make it easy for women to access trusted health specialists to answer questions, get the information they need and get support from a dedicated coach.

Jobs at Adia Health

Adia Health Team

Rose Acton
Co-founder Adia Health. Founder on Zinc VC programme. Policy, comms & research background - how tech can solve social problems as the theme. Tweets @roseacton
Tyler Christie
Formerly CEO of AMEE, which I led to a successful exit. Raised capital from top VCs including USV, OATV and Amadeus. Various product-focused executive roles.
Lina Chan
CEO at Adia. We're revolutionising reproductive health to be proactive, data-driven and personalised with expert support. We're hiring!