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What I Do

I have invested throughout the lifecycle of technology companies but my main experiences and successes have come from building companies ground up. I love the process of taking fundamental insights and turning them into disruptive products that create the potential for vibrant lasting companies.


ITU Ventures was one of the first accelerators in Los Angeles and one of earliest institutional funds focused solely on seed stage - cofounded in 1999 and was instrumental in raising over $100MM thru three funds. We introduced the idea of formal partnerships with university students to help discover and fund innovation on campuses across the country (now copied by others). Helped secure add'l follow-on rounds from top-tier VCs and secure critical bizdev deals (e.g. Motorola)

iCrete connects concrete producers with their customers and suppliers to create more transparent and valuable relationships. We unleashed the power of the Cloud and mobile on multi-trillion dollar industries. Took fundamental insight that producers could benefit from having greater access to their own data and 1) led customer development efforts to identify specific problems to solve that became our first product 2) convinced MNCs to buy from us with mock-ups and 3) oversaw development of MVP via Lean UX process.

What I'm Looking For

Opportunities to bring the power of the Internet to under-served, sometimes overlooked, but gigantic markets. Opportunities to empower the long-tail everywhere...