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Predictive anomaly detection for vehicles

Our mission at Acerta is to make cars safer and enable autonomous vehicles. We are building a machine learning platform that detects and predicts failures through vehicle data. With Acerta, car manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers can improve quality and monitor the health of their vehicle systems on the road. We are looking for good people to join our venture backed company of engineers and data geeks.
We are looking for people who are excited about the future of automotive and mobility, machine learning, saving lives, and looking for a fun working environment. A love for ping pong is appreciated (not mandatory).

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What We're Building

Modern vehicles have hundreds of sensors and control units that collect data every millisecond. Acerta analyzes this data to detect anomalies and predict future failures. Using state of the art machine learning and statistical analysis, we learn a profile of normal vehicle behaviour. We then use this profile to identify emerging vehicle issues. We work with manufacturers and suppliers to improve their products and reduce recalls.

Jobs at Acerta

Acerta Team

Greta Cutulenco
Founder @ Acerta | Entrepreneur | Software Engineer
Jean-Christophe Petkovich
Founder @ Acerta | Data Scientist | Computer Engineer | Past QNX, Bombardier
Gonen Hollander
COO at Acerta • @Creative Destruction Lab • MBA @Rotman School Of Management • Former Naval Officer (Captain)
Ophir Sarusi
Passionate Product Manager MBA, BSc EE Co-Founder @ Lumiasis Former PM @ Israeli Missile Defence Organization Former PM @ Israeli Tank Development Authority

Acerta Investors

Ted Serbinski
Managing Director @Techstars Mobility. Investing worldwide in the future of transportation. CTO @ParentsClick Network (acquired). @Cornell Engineer. 

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