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A social platform for academics to share research papers. Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot
Richard Price
Founder of PhD at @Oxford. Won @Oxford's most competitive scholarship.
Product is a social platform for academics to share research papers. Its mission is to accelerate the world's research. It's widely thought that science is too closed, and too slow. is trying to change that.

Why Us? is a social platform for academics to share research papers. Its mission is to accelerate the world's research. We believe that science is dysfunctional, and we are working on fixing it.

We are Hiring a Team to Build a Better Future

Here at you will have an opportunity to join an agile team of 9 Engineers who are all making a positive impact on the world by contributing to a movement called Open Science. As a member of our team you will be given a lot of autonomy to choose projects that interest you the most and the ability to make product decisions with our CTO Ben Lund and CEO Richard Price.

We are currently tackling five incredibly difficult product challenges. Some of these projects have been attempted by larger companies and have failed. In order to be successful we will need to think way outside-of-the-box and take a leap into the unknown…

Peer Review

We want to build a peer review platform that allows layers of discussion on top of a single document. One of the biggest challenges we face is that contextual commenting at a large scale has yet to be achieved. In order to be successful we need to find original and novel solutions because simple approaches like putting a blog-style comment box at the end of the paper has been tried before and has not been effective.

To build Peer Review we must figure out a way to transform all the wide array of styles from any given PDF paper to a clean and consistent format that is embedded for a suitable commenting UI. We are experimenting to build a rich inline-commenting and discussion interface as well as a reputation system that surfaces quality comments.

Interface Design

We currently have 7.5 million users who upload their research papers. Academia converts these PDFs to HTLM5 to display in the browser. We face the challenges of building web UIs for scientific content such as 3D molecular visualizations and tools for exploring genetic sequences. We will also build back-end parsers, converters, and storage schemes to enab

San Francisco
1-10 employees
$4.5M Series A in 2011
$1.6M Seed in 2010
Social Media, Business Intelligence, Recruiting
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Sr. Engineer
$100K – $150K Salary
0.0% – 1.0% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco


Spark Capital
Dedicated to the creation of revolutionary new businesses.
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Robin Klein
Robin Klein
Partner, The Accelerator Group (TAG), Index Seed
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Saul Klein
Saul Klein
husband. dad. serial entrepreneur (firefly, @LoveFilm, @seedcamp-2). operator (wpp, msft, @Skype). investor (index, TAG)
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Adam D'Augelli
Adam D'Augelli
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Thomas D. Lehrman
Thomas D. Lehrman
Founder of @Gerson Lehrman Group. Angel Investor. Director at @KIPP NYC.
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