Abhijit Sarkar

Color imaging scientist. PhD from U of Nantes, France in 2011. Alumnus of @RIT, @Penn State. Worked at @Technicolor R&I, @Intel and HP.

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What I Do

Come with a unique interdisciplinary background in color science, lighting and electrical engineering, with two MS degrees from the US and a PhD from France. Current mission is technological innovation through entrepreneurship, and building revolutionary products around color technology.


As a graduate student researcher, was involved in several product innovations, was named the first inventor in three patent applications in the US and Europe. PhD work led to multiple prestigious awards, several patents/publications, and new industry-university collaborations. During the 3-year industrial PhD, developed a unique prototype instrument that could successfully categorize an individual into one of several categories based on his or her color vision. This work is being described by researchers and scientists as an extraordinary contribution that can lead to new industrial applications, and novel research directions in color and vision sciences. Has been invited to contribute to the international standards body in color (CIE).

At ColorModules, in an advanced stage of developing a unique and revolutionary color technology for consumers in beauty, fashion and home. Believe this has the power to change the way we shop for color-critical products, either online and at stores.

What I'm Looking For

Opportunities for collaboration in the area of digital imaging and color applications.