Aaron Krane

CEO & Designer of Hitpost (acquired by Yahoo). Built team of elite engineers & investors, gained millions of users, sold company to Yahoo.

Confirmed Investment · Invests $200K per deal
Team Member
What I Do

CEO and Designer of Hitpost (acquired by Yahoo in 2013).

Currently advising and investing in companies.


* Founded Hitpost, the leading app company for sports fans, and operated as CEO and Designer for 4 years

* Sold company to Yahoo in 2013

* Designed apps gaining millions of users, and receiving awards from both Apple and Google

* Raised venture capital from top firms including Khosla Ventures, Floodgate, RRE and angel investors including Keith Rabois, Naval Ravikant, Benjamin Ling, et al.

* Partnered with Sports Illustrated and launched sponsorships by Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Asus, and Marriot

* Successfully recruited team of elite engineers, and CEO from leading game company

What I'm Looking For
Keith Rabois
@khosla-ventures. Former Executive at @paypal, @linkedin, @slide and @square.
Naval Ravikant
Sweat: @angellist , @venture-hacks @vast @epinions ; Money: @twitter @heyzap @snaplogic
Mike Maples
Mike Maples
Managing Partner, @floodgate • Example investments include @twitter, @digg, @solarwinds, @chegg, @demandforce, Aggregate Knowledge, @ngmoco, @smule, and Spiceworks
Benjamin Ling
Investor at @khosla-ventures, Sr Director Search Products @google • Sr Director of Partnerships, Content & Platforms @youtube • Director of Platform @facebook