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Leveraging technology originally developed by SRI International for the Department of Defense, our software provides robust navigation information to machines, allowing them to operate collision-free in unstructured, GPS-denied indoor, urban, and harsh environments with no operator supervision. Read More
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Job Description

You will drive research and development to control machines with perception-based awareness. Ideal candidates will have experience interfacing with sensors and writing planning/control software for real hardware. The candidate will be involved in developing short and long-term reactive motion planning strategies, and be responsible for integrating real-time obstacle detection and avoidance methods using computer vision and computational geometry algorithms.

• Apply skills in system design, software development, control systems, sensor integration, calibration, and general engineering principles to develop fully autonomous robots
• Research, design and implement state-of-the-art robotics algorithms and software systems

• MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience focusing on Robotics
• 3+ years of experience related to algorithm design, software development, architecture of complex software systems for robotics applications
• Strong software implementation skills with C++
• Understanding of computer vision techniques as applied to real time robotic systems is a plus

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What We're Building

area17, a spin-out from SRI International, is developing a low-cost, high performance vision system for drones.

A combination of commodity sensors and processors and an advanced software stack allow us to provide collision avoidance, obstacle detection, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), to enable autonomous drone flight both indoors and outside, that brings a new class of capabilities to consumer and commercial grade drones.

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area17 Team

Pooj Preena
i'm founder+ceo @area17. previously, first US employee @Skype, founder @Betaworks, xCOO @OMGPOP!, first BD guy @Dropbox , US CEO ad&payments company @Hi-media.
Aveek Das
Robotics and Computer Vision expert with 12+ years of R&D experience Currently, Co Founder and CTO @area17 Previously @SRI International
Kevin Greene
Senior Robotics Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

area17 Investors

Ash Patel
Managing Director at @Morado Venture Partners. Former EVP, CPO and early engineer at @Yahoo.
Ivy Li
Ivy Li ,
experienced investor in tech