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96 Problems

Technical Project Manager at 96 Problems

Tokyo · Full Time
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Job Description

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Here is just the job description:
A technically oriented project manager who will take ownership of the dev-timeline, decide what makes the cut, and maybe even get in to help code too.

Experienced with:
• Managing projects in Jira, Pivotal Tracker, or similar software
• QA/logging, and tracking bugs
• Outlining user stories and tasks

• Familiar with React
• Presentation skills
• Business level Japanese

Who'd be working on:
• Working with our small dev team and as a part of our dev team to set time estimates and dev goals.
• Talking with our product designer to break down new features into manageable tasks.
• Scheduling releases and communicating these within the team to ensure partnerships, marketing campaigns, and other dependent events are able to be met or adjusted.

Before applying, please check out and let us know what story you're most interested in reading in LongShorts, or which one you already have started reading!

I'll look forward to meeting you soon!

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What We're Building

What we're doing:
• Making a new "real-time" medium✨ for storytelling
• Creating stories that move with you and move you too
• Helping other forms of media develop an audience before their launch

LongShorts stories are told on social media, in your messenger app, anywhere you are. No more having to open up a book to read a story -- LongShorts characters reach out to you through their social media profiles.

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Co-Founder and Swiss Army Knife at 96 Problems. Ex VC @DG Incubation ex-Investments @GREE 9+ years and counting in Tokyo, and loving it :)
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