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We know the tools, resources, (perks and discounts too) that the large Fortune 500 companies have. We have also seen the lack of tools and resources SMBs have, in regards to their shipping and logistics. Read More
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Job Description

This tour of duty is for someone who appreciates business as much as a good set of binary code. We provide Wow experiences to our customers, through the service we currently provide. We are searching for a Technology partner, to sit with our management team, and help us design and execute more Wow experiences. This challenge is for someone who will help us architect our current platform that serves thousands of customers, and build services using data, segmentation, and interacting with old-school industry establishments as well as using newly-created start-up API’s. It’s for someone who wants to coach and lead a team of young and learning developers. It’s for someone who wants to help build new business models, in an industry as old as dinosaurs.

Our industry is famous for ‘it’s always done this way’. We are not looking to change that. We believe we can leverage the existing capabilities of the industry, add a new layer of technology and business, and create an entire new business while continuing to create value to our existing and new customers.

If you are interested in joining us for this journey, apply below with your coordinates and the 2 things you are most proud of.

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What We're Building

71lbs created a "set-and-forget" system that allows SMBs to automatically collect on their FedEx & UPS late shipment refunds.

Did you know every FedEx & UPS shipment comes with a money-back-guarantee? If your overnight or ground shipment is late, even by 60 seconds, you have the right to 100% of your money back. Most companies don't file their late shipment claims. More than $2 billion are left unclaimed every year.

Visit us @ www.71lbs.com

Other Positions


Jose Li
CEO & Founder @71lbs. Ran @FedEx's Retail & eCommerce practice. Managed @Jamba Juice's logistics. Ex @Alibaba.com, @Cmu
Brett Paden
Technology leader for start-ups. Broad experience in architecting and scaling web applications.

Our Investors

Mark Friedgan
Angel Investor; BS/MS Computer Engineering, @Carnegie Mellon University University; CIO Top 100/InfoWorld Top 25 CTO
Alexander Goldstein
Angel Investor; Entrepreneur; Was Principal at Pangea Properties REIT; Ex-CIO, Co-Founder at @Cashnetusa.com
Kevin Henrikson
VP Eng / Co-Founder @Acompli was EIR @Redpoint Ventures and Eng leader @Zimbra @VMware @Yahoo. Interests: Mobile, Collaboration, Email, SaaS, & Ad Networks.
Mark Lawrence
Founder & CEO @SpotHero Inc.
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