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ARCloud APIs

6D is a software company building state of the art technology for AR developers. Spun out of the world-renowned Oxford Active Vision lab, our IP is state-of-the-art. We are backed by General Catalyst, and we have an engineering culture & our customers are technical. https://www.forbes.com/sites/charliefink/2018/03/29/6d-ai-funded-to-build-the-ar-cloud/#747d705d6bb6 Read More

What We're Building

APIs for AR Developers

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Jobs at 6D.ai

6D.ai Team

Matt Miesnieks
6D.ai, CEO Super_Ventures, Partner https://medium.com/@mattmiesnieks
Anthony Maes
Software Engineer at @6D.ai
Jeff McConathy
Worked at Trulia 12 yrs (employee #4), co-founded VerticalResponse, engineer at Xoom.com, Alexa, Freeloader

6D.ai Investors

Jeff Seibert
Sr. Director of Product @Twitter. Created @Fabric. Co-founder & CEO, @Crashlytics (acq. by Twitter) and COO, Increo (acq. by @BoxHQ). @Stanford '08.
Jacob Mullins
Partner at @Shasta Ventures & Shasta Camera Fund investing in Computer Vision, AR/VR, Robotics, Space, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Ryan Walsh
Investor & Partner @Floodgate Alum: Product/Media @Apple | VP Product @Beats Music | Co-founder @Pulselocker (Acquired by Beatport) | Etc. Pitt, @Carnegie Mellon University
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