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Recoded organisms.

Using microorganisms as chassis, synthetic biology has the potential to solve longstanding problems in bioremediation, biomanufacturing and health. But to harness this potential, we need to expand our biological toolbox. ​ We founded 64-x with the mission to engineer a novel class of microorganisms that can carry out functions and operate in environments that are otherwise inaccessible. And we're looking for the best scientists and engineers that are passionate about making this vision a reality. Read More
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What We're Building

64-x designs microorganisms with enhanced properties that enable otherwise unattainable applications in biomanufacturing, bioremediation, and health.

Jobs at 64-x

64-x Team

George Church
Founder LS9, Joule, Gen9, Knome. Director Sigma-Aldrich. PhD Biochemistry Harvard.