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500 Startups is a Silicon Valley seed fund founded by PayPal and Google alums, and we run one of the top-ranked accelerator programs in the world. We have invested in hundreds of companies across 50 countries, and receive thousands of applications from startups who compete for 30 spots in our accelerator every quarter. Our investing team & mentors have worked at global internet platform companies such as Google, Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Apple. (we're kind of a big deal ;)


We expect to syndicate ~1 deal per month (~5% of our total # annual investments). Our typical investment will be ~$100K, but could be between $50-$250K. In addition to our capital, we expect to have between $100K-$1M additional capacity (per deal). Note: in case we have limited availability for any syndicate investment, we will offer first preference to investors with whom we have a long pre-existing relationship, in addition to our community of mentors and founders. After that, we will preference larger commitment backers first. (so altho our minimum is $10K, we prefer backers at $25-50K+)

Christine Tsai
Founding Partner at @500 Startups . Previously @Google & @YouTube . Left-handed. Ballet dancer of ~25 yrs. Go Bears.
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner 500Startups (focused Latam + international); Founder @Brazil Innovators
Khailee Ng
Managing Partner, 500 Startups. Previously founded Groupsmore (exit: Groupon) and (exit: Catcha Group).
Acquired by Google for $350M in 2012
Went public in 2016
Acquired for $403M in 2013
Acquired for $117M in 2014
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Ryan Merket
Currently: Startups at Amazon AWS. Previously: Product at Reddit. Founded (acquired by InMobi), (acquired by @Seesmic), early @Facebook.
Bong Koh
Partner at KohFounders. Previous experience includes Advanced Technology Ventures, Mucker, McKinsey, Salomon Smith Barney and Organic (IPO).
Verdi Erel Ergün
Mobile Developer
Founder of Punch Digital Agency, Instore. Worked at Google.
Sundeep Ahuja
28 Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs; CoFndr @Richrelevance; helped launch @Kiva; Investor @Goodreads @Counsyl; Advisor @Indiegogo @HOOKED; BS CS Stanford
Matt D
Founder: iMega $8M EBIT 3yrs Adtech. $1M in 1mnth. @Growth Angels helping great teams grow. Online Growth Expert. Systems & Bio Hacker
Can help with
“Serial founder for past 15 yrs, 8 figure exit & Australia's first "Growth Hacker". I think a lot about all facets of startup growth and...more
Wiktor Schmidt
Founder and CEO of @Netguru - web and mobile software development consulting company.
Allan Thorvaldsen
Investor in @Zendesk, Softscan (now Part of Symantec), @Panorama9, @SoftCom Solutions, Love Product management, Biz dev and go2market
Dave is a great investor for any startup! He is fast to decide on investments and easy to work with thought the funding process.
Thomas Korte
Co-investor in a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave thinks outside the box, invests outside the box. Without him, many atypical startups (e.g. international, minority, single-founders) would've not given a fair shot and gotten funded. He works hard to help you every step of the way! #500strong
Aihui Ong (i-we)
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave has had an extraordinary influence over the person and professional I am today. He's got some of the best instincts I've come across in business and technology. He keeps things very real, open and honest. Very fortunate to have him as an advisor and friend.
Dave is simply one of the best VC's in the world right now. Dave & 500 are changing the world thinks about investing in startups and how venture capital dollars flow. We love having him on our team and are excited to see what he does next.
Jay Singh
For Dave McClure's investment at ViralGains
Because he's awesome. Brings access to startups and people that would never have had it otherwise. And he swears a lot.
Pranay Srinivasan
For Dave McClure's investment at Sourceeasy
Dave is the reason I have the confidence to run my business the way I do. He took a chance on me when no one would, and I will forever be grateful for his support and belief in me, my team, and my business. It's a pleasure to be apart of the 500 Network and have Dave on my side. Dave is the...more
Dave knows what he's doing. He's has an amazing eye and his group is solid.
John Biggs
For Dave McClure's investment at Freemit
Christine is a superstar. She's smart, she's connected, and she makes every startup she works with better. I recommend her and 500 highly!
Adam Rifkin
Advisor of a company Christine Tsai invested in
She is the absolute Mamabear of the 500S program -- she's open and accessible, but also has the claws to help you with fundraising connections and intros.
Tracy Lawrence
Founder of a company Christine Tsai invested in
I don't even know where to begin -- Christine frickin' rocks. She's responsive, helpful, in touch with what companies and teams are going through, and has a great sense of humor. Anyone that has a chance to work with Christine should consider themselves very lucky!
Working with Christine at the 500 Startups incubator was a real blessing for us. Christine gave us guidance and key introductions that changed the course of our business for the better.
Jay Singh
For Christine Tsai's investment at ViralGains
Best POC from 500startups. Great network, great support!
Raffaele Giovine
For Christine Tsai's investment at italist
What can I say that others here have not already said? Christine is somebody I look up to and is a good friend. She gave me good advice on a startup idea I had, I found that advice to be spot on.
She is smart and cool
Susana Cipriota
For Christine Tsai's investment at Funnely
Christine might be the most awesome person ever. Built an amazing organization, learn so much working with her.
Christine is an amazing human being prior to the great investor, mentor and supporter she has been for WePlann and me. Christine has found time in her busy schedule to offer us advice on hiring, growth, fundraising, culture and tenacity. I am humbled and very lucky to have Christine involved...more
Oliver Camargo
For Christine Tsai's investment at WePlann
Bedy is the woman!
Bedy has deep knowledge of the Brazilian market.
Rafael Carvalho
For Bedy Yang's investment at Edools
Khailee is the man. Most investors/advisors at their best, will make helpful introductions. Khailee will do that as well, but more importantly he will put in the time and effort to help you strategically think through your business and the decisions you need to make to scale it.

In our case,...more
Michael Mandel
Founder of a company Khailee Ng invested in
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