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$180K ($100K)
Typical Investments
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In the last 4 years, 500 has backed over 200 women-led companies like Wildfire, Viki, Barkbox, Moonfruit, TheRealReal, Tradesy, and ipsy. With the 500 Women syndicate, we're doubling down even further. Over the next year, we’re aiming to invest $1M across 10 women-backed companies out of the 500 portfolio, plus an additional $1-5M total in these companies via the 500 Women syndicate backers. This means for each company, they’ll get $50-100K from us (our standard investment amount) and up to an additional $500K from our syndicate backers.

Backers can be both women and men. But we especially want to challenge more women to make investments, so we hope to see a good number of female investors come on as backers.


We will select 10 companies a year from the 500 Startups portfolio to syndicate. Companies must have at least one female founder who owns >= 10% of the company.

Christine Tsai
Founding Partner at @500 Startups . Previously @Google & @YouTube . Left-handed. Ballet dancer of ~25 yrs. Go Bears.
Christen O'Brien
Co-Founding Partner @500 Startups. Managing Director, Early Stage @ Silicon Valley Bank.
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner 500Startups (focused Latam + international); Founder @Brazil Innovators
Rui Ma
China Partner @500 Startups, IBD @Merrill Lynch, @Morgan Stanley, BSEE @university-of-california-berkeley, EMBA @Tsinghua, @INSEAD
Dave McClure
Founding Partner @500 Startups (prev: @PayPal, Facebook @fbFund, @Founders Fund ). Geek, former developer, entrepreneur, marketing, ultimate frisbee, sith lord.
Acquired by Google for $350M in 2012
Acquired by Rakuten in 2015
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Ben Smith
Investor, Advisor to and Founder of Technology Businesses
Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @IronPort @Topsy; Board Member @PayPal @Postmates
Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia
We start companies & invest together. CEO & CTO @HOOKED. Write for NYT, TC, Vogue. Formerly CPO & Chief Scientist @Smule. Stanford grads.
Kevin Henrikson
VP Eng / Co-Founder @Acompli was EIR @Redpoint Ventures and Eng leader @Zimbra @VMware @Yahoo. Interests: Mobile, Collaboration, Email, SaaS, & Ad Networks.
Thomson Nguyen
Head of Data Science, @Square Capital. Visiting Scholar at @New York University. Founded @Framed Data (acquired by @Square ).
Alan Braverman
Co-founder of Textline. Previously @Xoom @Geni @Yammer @Mollyguard @Eventbrite
Josh Mohrer
GM @Uber New York Advisor @Breather @Pager @Tusk Ventures
Anthony Saleh
I am a man from LA. That is it.
Bedy is the woman!
Bedy has deep knowledge of the Brazilian market.
Rafael Carvalho
For Bedy Yang's investment at Edools
Christine is a superstar. She's smart, she's connected, and she makes every startup she works with better. I recommend her and 500 highly!
Adam Rifkin
Advisor of a company Christine Tsai invested in
She is the absolute Mamabear of the 500S program -- she's open and accessible, but also has the claws to help you with fundraising connections and intros.
Tracy Lawrence
Founder of a company Christine Tsai invested in
I don't even know where to begin -- Christine frickin' rocks. She's responsive, helpful, in touch with what companies and teams are going through, and has a great sense of humor. Anyone that has a chance to work with Christine should consider themselves very lucky!
Working with Christine at the 500 Startups incubator was a real blessing for us. Christine gave us guidance and key introductions that changed the course of our business for the better.
Jay Singh
For Christine Tsai's investment at ViralGains
Best POC from 500startups. Great network, great support!
Raffaele Giovine
For Christine Tsai's investment at italist
What can I say that others here have not already said? Christine is somebody I look up to and is a good friend. She gave me good advice on a startup idea I had, I found that advice to be spot on.
She is smart and cool
Susana Cipriota
For Christine Tsai's investment at Funnely
Christine might be the most awesome person ever. Built an amazing organization, learn so much working with her.
Christine is an amazing human being prior to the great investor, mentor and supporter she has been for WePlann and me. Christine has found time in her busy schedule to offer us advice on hiring, growth, fundraising, culture and tenacity. I am humbled and very lucky to have Christine involved...more
Oliver Camargo
For Christine Tsai's investment at WePlann
Rui is a very accessible, responsive, and supportive investor. We're luck to have her and the 500 team!
Rui Ma is super smart! I remember when I was so bad at pitching my product, she still got it right away and even shared a few genius insights on how to make it better. She has a global mindset and a big vision to her dreams. Meeting and talking with her is one of the best things that could ever...more
Rui is very entrepreneur friendly and has a pulse on what's happening in both the valley and in China. She is not afraid of sharing insights and her help has been invaluable to our team.
Rui is smart, responsive and eager to understand the drivers for success in my company and industry. She's impressed our team with her insightful questions and offers to help.
Rui is one of the most energetic VCs I've met. Her passion for supporting entrepreneurs is apparent through her work with us. Her charisma and style add a unique personal touch to the 500 Startup approach in China. Go Rui.
Rui has been very helpful to us and is both smart and hard-working for her startups, the market, and the ecosystem in general.
Rui is a really supportive and knowledgable investor, she's a great asset.
Rui is one of the few in Asia that really gets the market, all while bringing Valley savviness in helping entrepreneurs. We're lucky to have connected with her as she continues to provide valuable advice and mentorship to us and other startups all over the region.
Raymond Yip
For Rui Ma's investment at Shopline
One of the best you can ask for. Dave's network (500Startups) is INVALUABLE
Sam Rosen
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave goes out of his way to help the people he invests in.
Ray Grieselhuber
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
There is no one else like Dave. Sure, due to his constant hustling, he's not the easiest to get ahold of...but he's a real person and much easier to get ahold than too-cool-for-school-VCs that don't spend 1/10th of the time helping out their portfolio companies. Dave is growing an...more
Jared Goralnick
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is awesome, everybody already knows that. Somehow he even lives up the hype he's created around 500S. He likes to be coy and pretend that he's not nearly as smart as he is - but don't be fooled. He's brilliant.
Blake Commagere
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave loves entrepreneurs and has incredibly good instincts when it comes to deciding who to back. Because he is spread thin I have learned to make infrequent and specific asks, to which he has always replied quickly. The day to day value comes from the team he has in place and the 500 startups...more
George Favvas
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
500Startups is an amazing resource as a network. Dave isn't so bad either.
 Bubs / Darius A Monsef IV
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
I wish they could replicate him. I wish they could make him President. nuff' said.
Guy Hirsch
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is a great investor for any startup! He is fast to decide on investments and easy to work with thought the funding process.
Thomas Korte
Co-investor in a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is awesome! Great investor -- makes fast decisions, straight-shooter about his thoughts on your company, and always makes the time even though he's so busy. Has made so many intros for me and has given me great advice. Also, he is the most honest person in this business -- very...more
Elizabeth Yin
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is a startup guy's startup guy. Don't let his rockstar reputation and personality scare you away-- he's very real and "<expletive> awesome>. I couldn't wish his success on a better person.
Durjoy Ace Bhattacharjya
Founder of a company Dave McClure took an intro to
Tremendously responsive, has an unmatched network, understands technology.
Craig Davis
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
500 Mafia is an incredible network for anyone to be a part of.
Alexis Tryon
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
The value he adds is many magnitudes larger than the money he invests.
Dan Martell
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is super smart and has a wealth of experience and connections that can help you. People will invest in you just on the basis that he has.
Camilo Acosta
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
simply brilliant on all level. loyal, hard working and driven by results. @jason calacanis
Jason Calacanis
Co-investor in a company Dave McClure invested in
Super helpful and connected - you definitely want Dave on your side!
Pierre-Olivier Latour
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave thinks outside the box, invests outside the box. Without him, many atypical startups (e.g. international, minority, single-founders) would've not given a fair shot and gotten funded. He works hard to help you every step of the way! #500strong
Aihui Ong (i-we)
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Spend a day with Dave--no, 5 minutes with him--and you'll understand why he can supercharge early stage start-ups into a business. Don't think you'll find more ideas, connections or resources per minute than McClure. Takes his shit seriously and himself less so.
Mark Silva
Co-investor in a company Dave McClure invested in
Busiest guy in the Valley but in a good way. Hustles like he asks his investments to and then backs you up when you need a connection, conference invite, a shout out or a kick in the butt. If you aren't shipping and iterating you aren't doing it right.
Joshua Greenough
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Relentlessly dedicated, high energy, hustling to help and support Entrepreneurs to be successful.
Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs
Advisor of a company Dave McClure invested in
Straight to the point.
Josef Dunne
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
The James Brown of Silicon Valley
Vitaly M. Golomb
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is high octane, exceptionally insightful and works blazing fast. He is massively networked throughout the world and is a great source for all his companies and intriguingly; is one of the most inspiring entrepreneur and investor (two in one) that I have known in my life! He has laser-like...more
Samir Patel
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Really interesting investor with a great personality that inspires many entrepreneurs. His presence in Latam is stronger everyday and it's been a great experience sharing an investment in a Mexican company, Nexum Digital (instaDM).
Sergio Romo
Co-investor in a company Dave McClure invested in
There's no one else you'd rather have in your corner. Gives it to you straight because he actually gives a shit and will fight to see good people succeed.
What does one say about a guy like Dave that doesn't pale in the light of his achievements? If there ever was a true prime mover of the startup community it's Dave!
Stephen G. Barr
Co-investor in a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave is a natural hustler with a refreshing perspective on emerging markets, as evident in the wide variety of applicants he chooses for 500 Startups. The breadth and depth of his knowledge of APEC, MENA, and LATAM is impressive. He can spin startups with a raw confidence that few could pull off.
Most people believe that, in the beginning, there was God. But that's not true. Before God, there was Dave McClure, on his magical jet plane, traveling the infinite of time and space. His hustling permeates space, time and all logic and reason. Which is why he is simply an amazing person to...more
Seriously, Dave is one of the most inspiring and tough-love-giving guys around. He says exactly what you're thinking before you can even mouth the words and is always looking 10 steps ahead. He's also one of the kindest guys around and is always willing to share his brilliance. Amazing...more
Nikhil "Nik" Kundra
Founder of a company Dave McClure invested in
Dave has had an extraordinary influence over the person and professional I am today. He's got some of the best instincts I've come across in business and technology. He keeps things very real, open and honest. Very fortunate to have him as an advisor and friend.
Dave is simply one of the best VC's in the world right now. Dave & 500 are changing the world thinks about investing in startups and how venture capital dollars flow. We love having him on our team and are excited to see what he does next.
Jay Singh
For Dave McClure's investment at ViralGains
Dave know the startup world like the back of his hand - simple as that.
Sieva Kozinsky
For Dave McClure's investment at StudySoup
Because he's awesome. Brings access to startups and people that would never have had it otherwise. And he swears a lot.
Pranay Srinivasan
For Dave McClure's investment at Sourceeasy
Dave is awesome. He's a guy who's a straight shooter, will tell you how it is, and overall good guy underneath the tough skin.
Dave is Dave. No reference needed. True ROCK STAR.
Joe Marrapodi
For Dave McClure's investment at Greentoe
Dave is the reason I have the confidence to run my business the way I do. He took a chance on me when no one would, and I will forever be grateful for his support and belief in me, my team, and my business. It's a pleasure to be apart of the 500 Network and have Dave on my side. Dave is the...more
Awesome. Dave is helpful, smart and well-connected.
Rod Ebrahimi
For Dave McClure's investment at ReadyForZero
Visionary! Knows branding like non other!
For Dave McClure's investment at RAIN
Startup metrics guru with a track record of supporting women and minority-led startups
Eve Peters
For Dave McClure's investment at Whim
Dave, well, hmm, he just rocks. Changing the world, love the guy
Dave's belief in the underdog and his unabashed attitude puts you where you need to be with your business. 
Bonny (Yan) Lai
For Dave McClure's work with Roost
Dave is awesome! Very inspiring. He is no bullshit guy and goes out of his way to help.
Benazir Shaikh
For Dave McClure's work with KidzJet
Part of 500Startrups Batch 13
Filippo Schiano di Pepe
For Dave McClure's investment at CoContest
Dave is an inspiration and a great coach. Our fearless leader and the best looking man in flip flops.
Ali Goss
For Dave McClure's investment at Hellobit
Dave knows what he's doing. He's has an amazing eye and his group is solid.
John Biggs
For Dave McClure's investment at Freemit
he invested in Faception
Shai Gilboa
For Dave McClure's investment at Faception
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