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In the last 4 years, 500 has backed over 200 women-led companies like Wildfire, Viki, Barkbox, Moonfruit, TheRealReal, Tradesy, and ipsy. With the 500 Women syndicate, we're doubling down even further. Over the next year, we’re aiming to invest $1M across 10 women-backed companies out of the 500 portfolio, plus an additional $1-5M total in these companies via the 500 Women syndicate backers. This means for each company, they’ll get $50-100K from us (our standard investment amount) and up to an additional $500K from our syndicate backers.

Backers can be both women and men. But we especially want to challenge more women to make investments, so we hope to see a good number of female investors come on as backers.

We will select 10 companies a year from the 500 Startups portfolio to syndicate. Companies must have at least one female founder who owns >= 10% of the company.
Bedy Yang
Seed Fund
Managing Partner 500Startups (focused Latam + international); Founder @brazil-innovators
Christine Tsai
Seed Fund
CEO and Founding Partner @500startups . Previously @google & @youtube . Left-handed. Ballet dancer of > 25 yrs. Go Bears.
500 Startups Legal
Legal Team of 500 Startups
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Acquired by Google for $350M in 2012
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Acquired in 2018
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Acquired by Rakuten Americas in 2015
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Acquired in 2014
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Ben Smith
Investor, Advisor to and Founder of Technology Businesses
Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @ironport @topsy; Board Member @paypal @postmates
Thomson Nguyen
CEO, @hatch-credit . Visiting Scholar at @new-york-university. Founded @framed-data (YC W14, acquired by @square ).
Alan Braverman
Co-founder of Textline. Previously @xoom-1 @geni @yammer @mollyguard @eventbrite
Josh Mohrer
Operator turned Investor/Advisor - first 40 @uber, grew NYC as GM, scaled Metro-NY business to $3bn.
Anthony Saleh
I am a man from LA. That is it.
Shanna Tellerman
Founder & CEO, @modsy, Partner @googleventures. Founder & CEO @sim Ops Studios/ Wild Pockets (acquired by @autodesk ), spin off @carnegie-mellon-university-2
Peter Kellner
Investor in early stage technology companies across 5 continents. Cofounder of Endeavor. Startup lecturer at Princeton for last 14 years Princeton.
Bedy is the woman!
Bedy has deep knowledge of the Brazilian market.
Rafael Carvalho
For Bedy Yang's investment at Edools
Christine is a superstar. She's smart, she's connected, and she makes every startup she works with better. I recommend her and 500 highly!
Adam Rifkin
Advisor of a company Christine Tsai invested in
She is the absolute Mamabear of the 500S program -- she's open and accessible, but also has the claws to help you with fundraising connections and intros.
Tracy Lawrence
Founder of a company Christine Tsai invested in
I don't even know where to begin -- Christine frickin' rocks. She's responsive, helpful, in touch with what companies and teams are going through, and has a great sense of humor. Anyone that has a chance to work with Christine should consider themselves very lucky!
Working with Christine at the 500 Startups incubator was a real blessing for us. Christine gave us guidance and key introductions that changed the course of our business for the better.
Jay Singh
For Christine Tsai's investment at ViralGains
Best POC from 500startups. Great network, great support!
Raffaele Giovine
For Christine Tsai's investment at
What can I say that others here have not already said? Christine is somebody I look up to and is a good friend. She gave me good advice on a startup idea I had, I found that advice to be spot on.
She is smart and cool
Susana Cipriota
For Christine Tsai's investment at Funnely
Christine might be the most awesome person ever. Built an amazing organization, learn so much working with her.
Christine is an amazing human being prior to the great investor, mentor and supporter she has been for WePlann and me. Christine has found time in her busy schedule to offer us advice on hiring, growth, fundraising, culture and tenacity. I am humbled and very lucky to have Christine involved...more
Oliver Camargo
For Christine Tsai's investment at WePlann
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