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Startup studio that builds new companies.

500 LABS is a startup studio by 500 Startups. We experiment with new ideas and build companies from the ground up. As a Hacker in Residence, you can get paid to become founding team members of new high growth companies - and join the #500STRONG family. Read More
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What We're Building

Z1.VC is a startup studio that builds new companies from the ground up.

We partner with global talent, and scale companies in silicon valley.

We are building teams in Toronto and San Francisco.
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Z1 Team

Selcuk Atli
Founding Partner @Z1. Previously founded @Boostable, @Manifest and @Nomadic Mentors . YC Alumnus, Endeavor Entrepreneur and Fulbright Scholar.
Jordan Howlett
Software Engineer. Computer Science grad. Front and Back end web development.
Jason Liang
iOS guru, uWaterloo Comp Eng, Worked at PivotalLabs (XtremeLabs)
Vanessa Piacente
An accounting graduate and former athlete with a strong interest in SaaS, big data and fintech
Emre Mazursky
Product Designer at 500 LABS