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Bangkok · Full Time
You'll love the team! We are an international, extremely driven and hardworking team of A players. Big challenges motivate us and we are happiest when we are outside of our comfort zone. A steep learning curve is the only status quo acceptable to us—we are constantly playing around with new ideas and unconventional approaches. Read More
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Job Description

We are looking for an Artificial Intelligence developer to join our development team in Bangkok. You will work with Python, scikit-learn, DEAP and other machine learning frameworks. You will be responsible for augmenting existing algorithms, R&D on new algorithms and ensuring that the collected data is valuable for machine learning use.

Responsibilities include:
- Helping the AI team increase the accuracy of our flight selection algorithm
- Restructure the flight description algorithm
- Research, implement and compare machine learning algorithms and then integrate
- Controlling collection of data

Qualifications include:
- M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or any Engineering with a strong Math background.
- A plus, if you have participated in Kaggle competitions or similar

Required skills:
- Broad knowledge of machine learning algorithms
- Have designed and implemented machine learning algorithms in software applications
- Experience building scalable Python applications
- Scikit or Weka
- Mathematical Optimization experience with software/frameworks (e.g. AMPL, CPLEX, GUROBI, Pulp, etc.)
- 2 - 3 years experience as a Python developer

Helpful Skills:
- Testing: unittest, pytest (Python)
- Database: any NoSQL databases
- Docker

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What We're Building

Powered by machine intelligence, Claire is the first fully automated corporate travel manager for SMBs.

Claire is a budget-friendly software platform that provides instant travel expense transparency and policy compliance, leading to cost savings in the T&E of small and mid-sized businesses.

For their employees, booking travel becomes as easy as messaging Claire, who provides trip options that match their preferences and learns from previous selections. Claire makes booking travel faster than scavenging through Expedia and is more intuitive than clunky legacy tools like Concur, saving time and relieving frustration for business travelers.

Right now, $102 billion of the SMB travel market has yet to be addressed. As a cost-friendly and personalized solution, Claire captures a market missed by AMEX and Concur but whose needs are unmet by Kayak.

In order to capture the fragmented SMB market, 30SecondsToFly has developed a SEO acquisition engine that lowers CAC to est $2.4k per account.

Intelligent motivated creatives building a beautiful dream. What isn't there to love about that?
When the opportunity arose to join 30SecondsToFly, I already knew both Felicia and Ricky as friends for many years. Knowing how these two exceptional individuals operate, I felt privileged to join them on their quest to disrupt and completely revolutionize how business travel is done. Felicia and Riccardo are true leaders. They had a crazy idea, turned it into a vision and immediately went to work. Since day one they have pursued their vision with an unwavering passion, brutal persistence and highly rational decision making. They build a team that matches them in passion, companionship, hard work and determination so that each and every one of us strives for greatness in what we contribute.
I'm amazed that a global team like this manages to stay so connected and productive. This is due, in large part, to the driven, smart co-founders, Riccardo and Felicia. The company culture is great, and the product will be just as excellent. I'm excited to be involved at the beginning of a revolution in the travel industry.
The team is amazing. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to work with and learn from these talented individuals at 30SecondsToFly.
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