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30SecondsToFly – B2B Travel Bot

Experienced Travel Agent & Customer Service Champion at 30SecondsToFly – B2B Travel Bot

United States, Remote · Full Time
You'll love the team! --> We are an international, extremely smart, hard working, driven and very diverse team. We have lived in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America. We love traveling as much as getting to know foreign cultures! You'll work directly with the founders to find awesome solutions to complex and challenging problems. Read More
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Job Description

Are you a GDS-trained Travel Agent with a passion for technology?
Are you trained on Travelport’s Worldspan or anyother GDS?
Willing to champion our Customer Service and grow with Claire?
Want to be part of a team that is all over the world, building a Virtual Assistant for Corporate Travel?
Then – come join the and want to join the revolution in Corporate Travel!

Claire’s Beta version is going live soon and she will be servicing our first customers. Although the booking processes are fully automated, sometimes Claire needs some hand-holding. Therefore we are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic leader of our Customer Service Team. You will be dealing with anything related to our customers, as an intermediate between the customer and our fulfillment agent, as a reference point for our business and development team to build Claire to fit our travelers needs best, and to spur on our Customer Service team. As Claire grows, the team will grow and you will grow.

It's all about YOU:
- You have experience with airline reservations, GDS / Travelport technology
- Actually, you LOVE technology and believe that it is an important part of the travel industry’s future.
- You also love helping people and being of service – in the “old-fashioned” human way
- You would like to get a close-up view of how technology is changing tourism!
It's also about us:
- We are a high growth startup at the interface between travel and artificial intelligence
- We are a small team of highly motivated hustlers with a weakness for Friday night office parties and cake.
- Travel is in our DNA. We are from all around the world with offices in NYC and Bangkok

**As we are focussing in the North American Market, we prefer you to be located somewhere in the USA.**
**This is a key position in our USA Team and the successful applicant will grow with Claire and 30SecondsToFly.**

**If you don't have relevant GDS experienced your application will not be considered. If you do, please specify in your resume/application your GDS experience**

Salary and Equity negotiable.

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What We're Building

There is a $102 billion opportunity in the SMB travel space not currently served by Concur, AmEx, etc. and not appropriately addressed by Priceline and Expedia.

Meet Claire, THE ULTIMATE A.I. TRAVEL ASSISTANT FOR SMBs: Built for of travelers — Controlled by the back office.

Claire is an intuitive, easy to deploy solution, that offers control and visibility for SMB travel at a fraction of the cost of a travel agency.

Claire's A.I. algorithms allow for a high degree of personalisation and assistance for travelers replicating the complexity of travel agents’ choices. With a 45% margin, 30STF disrupts the cost structure in a low margin business —11% margin in traditional agencies.

30SecondsToFly has developed an effective customer acquisition engine that leverages a unique and exclusive online infrastructure to rapidly scale with SMBs at an insanely low CAC. Traditional travel agency CAC for SMBs is $21,000, compared to 30STF's $2,400 CAC representing 4% of avg ACV.

Even during my first interview, it was clear that 30SecondsToFly was a company I wanted to be a part of. Everyone is helpful, kind, and insightful. Although I have been working remotely, I still feel included and appreciated. I am constantly surprised at how dedicated and intelligent my coworkers are and I'm so glad to be a part of the team.
The team is amazing. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to work with and learn from these talented individuals at 30SecondsToFly.
When the opportunity arose to join 30SecondsToFly, I already knew both Felicia and Ricky as friends for many years. Knowing how these two exceptional individuals operate, I felt privileged to join them on their quest to disrupt and completely revolutionize how business travel is done. Felicia and Riccardo are true leaders. They had a crazy idea, turned it into a vision and immediately went to work. Since day one they have pursued their vision with an unwavering passion, brutal persistence and highly rational decision making. They build a team that matches them in passion, companionship, hard work and determination so that each and every one of us strives for greatness in what we contribute.
I'm amazed that a global team like this manages to stay so connected and productive. This is due, in large part, to the driven, smart co-founders, Riccardo and Felicia. The company culture is great, and the product will be just as excellent. I'm excited to be involved at the beginning of a revolution in the travel industry.
Intelligent motivated creatives building a beautiful dream. What isn't there to love about that?
I always thought that a distributed team was a great idea, but it would not work in practise. Well - this one works. 30SecondsToFly is a highly motivated, creative and intelligent team with a very clear focus. This team will be victorious!
In the case of startups, I believe that it must take some really strong, driven people to put in tireless hard work to keep a dream alive, and I cannot emphasize enough how true I have found this to be working with the amazing team at 30SecondsToFly. The passion here is something that you can not only see in results, and in the remarkable product being brought to the business travel world, but feel every single day. I am continuously inspired by the wonderful and enthusiastic people around me, be it in person or in our digital workplace. The future here is incredibly bright.
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Felicia Schneiderhan
Cofounder of 30SecondsToFly | Business Travel solved with Artificial Intelligence
Riccardo Vittoria
Co-Founder @30SecondsToFly – B2B Travel Bot Mechanical Engineer with focus on optimization and machine learning. Previously founder @ MatrimoniFotoRoma and Peekbite
Mint Pattanan Ketthin
Co-founder at Rootastes I Specializing in Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, & Conversion Optimization | BC'16
Rhaime Kim
Operations at Fintech Accelerator
Jenna Sheffield
College writing professor specializing in professional/technical writing, editing, and digital media. Editor in Chief, 30SecondsToFly
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