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AngelList Calendar
Year In Review

AngelList is the network for startup success. Across our family of companies—AngelList Venture, AngelList Talent, and Product Hunt—startups of all sizes have found the tools they need to grow.

In 2019, we reached nearly $1.8 billion in assets under management, supported over 3.5 million candidates in their job search, and helped makers launch over 25,000 products that will define the future of tech.


Angels and VCs rely on AngelList for capital and fund infrastructure. We eliminate the hassles of investing so they can focus on helping founders.

In 2019, assets under management grew nearly 80%, with 36% of all top-tier U.S. VC deals in our portfolio.

  • 1,657 startups funded
    in 2019
  • 335 angels and VCs leading investments in 2019
  • 36% of top-tier U.S. VC deals are in the portfolio
Nearly $1.8 billion
under management.
25 unicorns are in the portfolio.
Modern and compliant background checks
Daily fantasy sports contests
The freight forwarder for modern logistics teams
AI-powered writing assistant
Marketplace for on-demand services and skilled labor in the energy industry
Digital all-in-one insurance solution
We have investments in 10 countries and are most active in:
United States
1812 investments in 2019, including:
Banking built for startups
Fastest email experience ever made
Investor: Shrug Capital
197 investments in 2019, including:
Harnessing evolution with AI to develop radically new proteins
Investor: Tiny.vc
Computer vision for autonomous vehicles
Investor: Neil Devani
96 investments in 2019, including:
Working capital for online businesses
Investor: Jake Gibson
Build voice apps without code
Investor: Jetstream
114 investments in 2019, including:
Neobank for millennials
Investor: Better Capital
Pristyn Care
Asset-light elective surgical ecosystem
Investor: Utsav Somani
Over 20% of 2019 investments
came from full-fledged venture funds managed on AngelList.
AngelList takes on all of the back-office complexities of running a fund or syndicate, allowing me to focus on the highest value items: making investments and supporting founders.
Bryan Rosenblatt
Principal at Craft Ventures
AngelList is single-handedly changing the VC and funding landscape. AngelList has enabled anyone who has strong deal flow and insights to start a fund. They've helped launch a new crop of VCs who are quickly changing the face of venture. On top of that, they're amazing to work with and I'm very grateful to have them as a partner.
Julia Lipton
Founder of Awesome People Ventures
With the help of AngelList I was able to create a unique "scout" program over the seven years that I was Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures. At my new firm, Uncorrelated, I continue to work with AngelList and the 27 Angel Fund investors that I enlisted in the scout program. AngelList does a marvelous job for investors, syndicate leads and fund managers.
Salil Deshpande
General Partner at Uncorrelated Ventures
Start a fund


We bring world-changing teams together. Twitch, Stripe, and over 100,000 startups of all sizes have used AngelList Talent to discover top job-seekers.

With more than three and a half million candidates actively job-hunting in 2019—and millions more researching their next move—AngelList is the world's largest network of startup talent.

Over 100000 connections
between startups and job-seekers started on AngelList Talent in 2019.
As the year rounded out, we created our 5,000,000th all-time connection.
Through the year, we saw industries
and others
Markets with the greatest increase/decrease in companies posting jobs since 2018.
Online Gaming & eSports
40% growth
Environmental Innovation
35% growth
Logistics, Transport, & Shipping
35% growth
35% growth
Mental health
34% growth
Data & Analytics
29% growth

48% decline
41% decline
27% decline
35% decline
26% decline
Online Video Advertising
25% decline
Find your next job
Millions of job-seekers around the world discovered startups they believe in.
people have joined AngelList
were actively job-hunting in 2019
new members are joining each month
Meet your next hire

Product Hunt

We help you discover and launch the next big thing in tech. Robinhood, Front, Honey, and over 145,000 other products have started on Product Hunt since its founding.

Millions of members strong, Product Hunt offers a peek into the future of tech.

In 2019, over 10000 products launched on Product Hunt.
The community logged 2M upvotes on projects they love.
Among the most upvoted of 2019:
Basecamp Personal
2,779 Triangle UPVOTES
Notion Templates
2,758 Triangle UPVOTES
Nomad List 5.0
2,665 Triangle UPVOTES
100,000 Faces
2,221 Triangle UPVOTES
This Person Does Not Exist
1,902 Triangle UPVOTES
1,769 Triangle UPVOTES
Explore what's on Product Hunt
Product Hunt’s community includes millions of friendly folks around the world.
Top ten countries makers are from
United States
United Kingdom
And they span
dozens of roles, too.
Join the Makers community
And we're baking something new
Follow @yourstack on Twitter to get early access.
Details to be announced soon. 🥞
Get early access
  • Aaron O'Leary
  • Aba Osunsade
  • Abe Othman
  • Adam Ruf
  • Aleksandar Petkov
  • Alex Norman
  • Alyssa Previti
  • Amir Hassanabadi
  • Amit Matani
  • Amrith Shanbhag
  • Andreas Klinger
  • Andres Santanilla
  • Andy Chung
  • Angel Poon
  • Anne Yip
  • Anuj Patel
  • Ashley Reed
  • Austin Demsey
  • Avlok Kohli
  • Bastian Peters
  • Brandon Krull
  • Brandon Saw
  • Brian Ta
  • Brianne Ilagan
  • Chad Whitaker
  • Christine Townsley
  • Dan Edwards
  • David Zhang
  • Dhruv Parmar
  • Drew Lustro
  • Ed Moss
  • Elizabeth Sciortino
  • Elli Mapstone
  • Emily Snowdon
  • Eric Swanson
  • Eric Woo
  • Erik Aborde
  • Erik Syvertsen
  • Gilbert Garza
  • Hans Arijanto
  • Hunter Morales
  • Inderpal Singh
  • Irene Chao
  • Irin Son
  • Jacqueline von Tesmar
  • Jake Crump
  • Jake Zeller
  • James Lin
  • Jared Gordon
  • Jay Tolentino
  • Joan Xie
  • Joe Kim
  • Jordan Claassen
  • Jordan Leonard
  • Josh Goldberg
  • Joshua Robinson
  • Joven Sibug
  • Julie Chabin
  • Kah Tay
  • Kai Gradert
  • Kali Donovan
  • Kapil Kale
  • Kashish Sharma
  • Kate Bridge
  • Keith Connolly
  • Kelly Li
  • Kelly Zee
  • Kenny Leung
  • Kevin David
  • Kevin Laws
  • Kimone Napier
  • Korbin Hoffman
  • Kunal Mehta
  • Lanre Akinyemi
  • Laura Becker
  • Laure Fischer
  • Lauren Kolm
  • Lillian Chen
  • Liz Bogart
  • Lonnie Oellerich
  • Lorenzo von Zerneck
  • Mackenzie Kelleher
  • Marta Roszkowski
  • Matthew Anderson
  • Max Lustig
  • Megan Coale
  • Michael Binder
  • Midhun Dandamudi
  • Mike Dee
  • Naman Kumar
  • Naval Ravikant
  • Nick Lusskin
  • Nicole Emanuel
  • Nigel Koh
  • Noah Spirakus
  • Opal Kale
  • Paige Steadman
  • Parker Thompson
  • Philip Xie
  • Philipp Moehring
  • Prakhar Agarwal
  • Rachel Chung
  • Rado Stankov
  • Rahul Mohanraj
  • Rajeev Jotwani
  • Randa Sakallah
  • Rebecca Pohlmann
  • Rodney Yesep
  • Ross Granahan
  • Ryan Hoover
  • SJ Pratt
  • Sara Spaventa
  • Sarah Gabr
  • Sarah Goomar
  • Seif Salama
  • Seth Dawson
  • Seva Zhidkov
  • Shane Romero
  • Shane Zucker
  • Shauna Yuan
  • Shiva Sangwan
  • Simon Pickert
  • Sonia Manssen
  • Stan Beguns
  • Stephen Varady
  • Sumukh Sridhara
  • Sunil Pai
  • Taylor Majewski
  • Thomas Groutars
  • Thorben Starsy
  • Tiffany Wu
  • Tim Yang
  • Tom Hu
  • Tony Bruess
  • Utsav Somani
  • Vanessa Ronan
  • Veselin Todorov
  • Victor Nguyen
  • Vishal Jeet
  • Vlado Vladimirov
  • Wendy Morales
  • Wing Vasiksiri
  • Xiaodi Li
  • Xinran Xiao
  • Yasmin Nelson
Illustrations by Gino Bud Hoiting

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