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The first and only specialized network diagram tool in the world

We are an up and coming startup located in the heart of downtown Toronto. We have an amazing vision, core team and expert advisors from the industry. Join us and be a part of disrupting the cybersecurity and cyber insurance industries. If you'd like to find out more about us, or our current software, please visit our website or reach out to us. Read More
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What We're Building

The three current approaches to creating network maps are broken:

1. Maps created using drawing tools take a lot of time and effort and quickly go stale. This approach is also not scaleable for large networks

2. Maps created using auto-scanning tools only show portions of the network that can be scanned and are not flexible enough to create different network views need for different purposes and audiences

3. Exporting maps generated by scanning tools and refining them in drawing tools is expensive and time consuming

Specialized tasks such as network diagramming require specialized tools. Tools that combine the flexibility of drawing tools like Visio with the power of automated scanning software and also provide specialized capabilities like visualizing virtual environments, VLANs, depicting current vs planned network changes and many other network diagram specific features. 10SCAPE is the first such tool in the world.

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10SCAPE Team

Porus Daruvala
Founder@SBAS, Associate Director @EY, Founder @10SCAPE, @PlanitWide • Worked at @mckinsey & Company • Studied at @institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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